Allume Energy

Allume is a MAP startup currently deploying new technology to enable multi unit residential buildings to share the output of a single PV system across multiple residences, without updating existing meters.    This enables a low cost means of installing solar PV, combined with opportunity to utilise it when needed with minimal storage or export to the grid.  Allume also have a unique commercial model – a pay for power not panels service – which enhances the attractiveness of the product for apartment dwellers and Owners’ corporations.

  • Apartment block tenants and owner occupiers pay for the power they use from the panels at a rate of 20-40% less than their retail electricity.  Revenue from the solar power purchase agreement is paid to the financier of the system.
  • Allume’s proprietary technology allows residents of an apartment block to share a single solar asset on their common roof.   The solution bypasses the regulatory overhead of an embedded network
  • It allows for a flexible and affordable opt in opt out systems for residents. Meaning that residents are not committed to long term contracts.