Hux Connect

Hux Connect is a Victorian company addressing Indoor Environment Quality, through measurement of a multitude of environmental variables using rapidly deployed wireless sensors, and display of the results over the cloud.

Hux Connect is the service that provides the insights that building managers need to manage and solve problems.  Hux deploys networked environmental sensors in spaces within a building, for a fixed period of time.  The real time data is available in a web browser by facility managers for immediate action and resolution.

Over several years Hux have developed their own low-cost sensors which measure a suite of environmental variables that relate to human comfort.  These sensors, called Motes, connect to the internet cloud based services via one of our Gateway units.

The wealth of information collected through the Motes is processed in real time and made available in a easy-to-understand format for clients to improve building efficiency and to resolve costly complaints before they happen.

Deployment subscriptions to Hux Connect service may only need to run for a few weeks and provide the insights and knowledge to improve inefficiencies for years to come.