Potential pathways to decarbonisation

Great to attend the MEI/ Grattan Institute “pathways to decarbonisation” discussion tonight with Dr Sara Bice, Jeremy Bentham (Shell Scenarios), Prof Ross Garnaut and  Tony Wood.  Some take aways:

  • CCS is dependent on a Carbon price for investment $ (Bentham, Garnaut).  Without CCS, there’s no future for fossil fuels (and much of Shell’s booked reserves are un-burnable).  So why is Shell not out there campaigning heavily for a carbon price?
  • Forecasting energy technology mix is virtually impossible to get right (e.g. 5 years ago, geothermal forecast to be leading source of renewable energy in Aust by 2050).  But by creating scenarios – or by utilising some of the scenarios created by those with deep pockets such as Shell – we can test some of the policy and strategy options we have today.


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